Bridging the Gap from Farm to Market

You work long and hard to produce the best possible crop you can. But how do you maximize your profit from that crop? How do you effectively manage your costs of production and market the crop at the best possible price?

You make a plan. And we created Grain PhD to help you do just that.

We know, we know, many of us tend to avoid that planning session because for most of us it’s worse than having dental work performed. There are all types of planning guides or Excel spreadsheets that have been around for decades. Why don’t we use them? Because they are cumbersome, hard to read and understand, and sometimes too detailed so we just end up saying, “the heck with it”.

We have a better solution for you – GrainBridge! We promise it really is easy to use, they even have video tutorials to guide you through. Get started by signing up for a free Grain PhD account which automatically gives you access to your user-friendly GrainBridge software. GrainBridge is a web based program that was created by producers for producers as a simple tool to manage the financial health of your operation.  It will help you make knowledgeable and confident decisions in an ever-changing market environment.

With GrainBridge software you can easily:

  • Build your production and marketing plans for your crops and livestock
  • Establish a break-even analysis and benchmarks for marketing
  • Manage your cash, futures and options all in one space
  • Track your potential profitability with daily price updates on the markets
  • Incorporate your crop insurance program to cash marketing
  • Create what-if scenarios to stress test the operation

Our risk experts are happy to walk you through your GrainBridge setup, or to answer your grain marketing questions. Just give them a call at 1-844-GRAIN-01 or send an email to To learn more about GrainBridge and watch the step-by-step video tutorials, click here.

The information conveyed by ADMIS or its affiliates to the audience is intended to be instructional and is not intended to direct marketing, hedging or pricing strategy or to guaranty or predict future events, including the pricing and pricing movements of commodities and commodity futures contracts.

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